Day 4 – Alexandra’s National Busking Tour Challenge

Oh my gosh, what an amazing day!!!

Chilling out at the Rutland Hotel in Sheffield tonight, who are sponsoring my tour.  It is in partnership with the Crown Hotel in Bawtry, and all of the staff (and management, yes craig that’s you) are so lovely and really look after me, I love them all 🙂

It is so cosy in this room, the perfect temperature – oooo and I’m looking forward to getting in the walk in shower :p i love showers, but once I get in, I never want to get out…anyway, that’s not what you want to know…best tell you about today haha, after all, that is why you are here on my blog…

Manchester practically kidnapped me today which meant that Sheffield didn’t get to see me.  I arrived in Manchester last night, staying at the Doubletree by Hilton in Piccadilly.  Fancied having a chilled out walk around to scope the place out and see where I could perform.  I found Piccadilly square which was beautiful, there was a big fountain in the middle of grass land and it was surrounded by coffee shops….and yes, there was a Costa and a Starbucks just around the corner haha…so it was perfect!!!

Domino’s got a phone call last night 🙂 had pizza in my room.  I love ‘The meteor’ pizza that they do with BBQ sauce and meatballs, yummy.

Thank fully I felt a bit healthier today after a good sleep last night.  I was supposed to perform 10am-12noon and then head to Sheffield but the people didn’t want me to leave, so I ended up performing until 3:30pm, wow that’s a long time haha.  It was so hot, I got a bit of a tan YAY.

I met so many amazing people today, again, a lot of whom had been affected by cancer.  There was this beautiful little girl who was fascinated, she’s in a violin club and wanted to plonk my violin haha so I let her have a plonk a few times 🙂  The little girl said to me:

What are you raising money for?

I replied:

There are lots of people who are very poorly with cancer, I’m raising money to try and help make these people better

The response that I received was really sad, as she told me about her sister who has been diagnosed with cancer, such a young child. It really is heartbreaking.


So I have a gay fan base now haha 🙂 my dad was talking to quite a lot of people throughout the day and was telling this lady about what I am doing.  I don’t think thay she realised it was my dad as she said:

If Alexandra was gay, I’d be her lover

Haha, sorta wish I could have seen my dads face at that.  Then he was talking to a group of girls and said to them, “Do you like her music?” and one of the girls replied:

I like her body

So much great stuff happened today…I got booked for a wedding in Wigan too.  I was playing Pirates of the Caribbean which caught the attention of a couple who’s daughter is getting married next year, and having a Jack Sparrow lookalike as a meeter and greeter. They asked me to play The Rose by Bette Middler which I absolutely love…and everyone just stopped and stood/sat in silence, watching.  THAT felt amazing.


When I finished performing I spent about an hour walking around the square to talk to people that had watched my performance throughout the day.  I love the chatting to people, god I have missed busking so much.  There was a guy from Belgium who sat on the grass listening to my performance for the entire period of 5 hours.  He had come over for English lessons, just for the day…I am sure that is what he said.  He was really lovely, had a nice little chat, and he bought me a beer haha but I don’t drink beer, and i don’t drink out of a can or a pint glass haha.

I was spotted by someone from Cancer Research today who filmed and took photo’s to send to their board director…very exciting.  They have asked me to perform with the lasers next year at one of the massive relays that they have.  I really hope I’m available, I’d love to do that.


Well, it is counting money time now….just sat eating sandwich and chips 😛 with ‘Despicable Me’ at the ready for bed time.  I REALLY want to see the second one but not watched the first one yet so on my way to the hotel tonight, I nipped to HMV in Meadowhall after a meeting with their Duty Manager to buy the first one 🙂

Counted up – in Manchester, I raised £238.76 and 4 cents and a quarter dollar haha

Because Manchester stole me form Sheffield today, I have to make up for losing a city by touring 3 cities tomorrow….so going to start with Doncaster 9:30am-11:30am and then I need to fit in Barnsley and Sheffield…depending on weather and decisions from Meadowhall Management at such short notice…I will keep you updating tomorrow through twitter, so make sure you’re following me… @3lectricviolin

Night world xxx



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