DAY 3 – An actual Blog – ANBTC

Just got in the Alexandra van to head to Manchester…dad is driving…I’m blogging hehe.  My make-up came off as soon as I got in the van!!! Feels soooooo good.  I am so tired that my sentences just sound like funny noises.  I wish it had been filmed, as it was so funny, what sounded like a perfectly constructed sentence to me as I was saying it, actually didn’t sound like words at all haha.

Any way, you’ll want to know what has been goin’ down…

As I was driving out of the Hilton Newcastle this morning, I spotted a HUGE concrete violin statue, so I got out of the car to have a nosey (and a photo).  There was a plaque with it that said:

James Hill of Bottle Bank. World renowned fiddle player and composer of tunes.  The finest exponent of Newcastle hornpipe style.  Most active 1842-1852

Most active between 1842 and 1852? That’s only 10 minutes.  I just did 4 hours!!! Haha (dad joke)

When I arrived in Carlisle this morning, it was absolutely chucking it down. So I rang The Lanes (shopping centre) Management and asked if I could have a meeting with them as soon as possible.  I went up to the management office to speak with Janet (lovely lady) and explain what I am doing.  She was so helpful and accommodating, and allowed me to perform in the shopping centre…..RESULT!!!  Thank you Janet for being so wonderful.  

As I walked down ‘The Lanes’ I spotted another statue…it was of a man holding a violin. Jimmy Dyer, a well know fiddle player (he was).

I had a great time, and great conversations with the folk of Carlisle.  A lady approached dad and gave him £10:

That really touched me

Later on, dad said to me, “I’d have touched her for a tenner”, honestly dad haha.

I lost an hours busking yesterday because of what happened in Middlesbrough, so I performed an extra hour today to make up for it, so that I’ll still have done 24 hours of busking by the end of the tour challenge.

I have a feeling that Carlisle has been really generous.  I left with 3 heavy carrier bags of money, and people were giving £5 and £10 notes.  I’m looking forward to getting in the room and counting the money to see if I am on target….and then going to sleep haha. I am thinking, take away in the Hotel tonight, pizza…yummy.

I didn’t realise how tiring this would be…up at 6am each morning and not getting back to the hotel until about 8pm each night, getting to sleep past midnight because of photo uploading, counting money, and blogging…oh and eating.  Me and dad are both still poorly, but battling on through the tour.  I’m ok, I can wear make-up…well I suppose dad could too but I don’t think it would look that good on him haha.

Going to have a 30 min kip now.  We’ll be at the hotel in about 35 mins…

That sleep was amazing…I woke up just as we arrived at the next Hilton Hotel 🙂

Me and dad got Domino’s pizza and sat to count the money form Carlisle.  I was right, they were really generous. We got a massive £292.14 YAY

Night world.

Manchester Piccadilly square and Sheffield somewhere tomorrow haha



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