Day 2 – An actual blog (the morning after) ANBTC

Wow, I was so tired last night.  I’ve also been really poorly (and getting worse), but the true professional, batting on 😀 this is what musicians do. Sick, or dying and we still work.  Dads just started being poorly too :s

Just on the way to Carlisle now, the 5th city of the tour.

Yesterday was crazy.  I was up at 6am, with the strangest wake up call ever.  It was so hot in the hotel room which had no air con, so the window was open and I stuck a massive fan on….and it was still waaaaaaaaaaay too hot.  

At breakfast I discovered that you can’t snore with your mouth closed!  

Before we left and headed to Middlesborough I spoke to the manager about what I’m doing and managed to get 50% off the £17 parking charge 🙂

Arriving in Middlesborough, we realised that any car park (when carrying equipment and A boards) is quite far from the actual town centre.  I received a tweet in response to me going to Middlesborough:

@khyew8 you’re brave lol

People have totally the wrong impression of this place.  The people were so warm and kind hearted from the beginning.  I loved it there and really wish that I could have stayed longer.  We decided to go have a nosey before we took any gear down.  As we’re walking along a girl stopped me to say that she liked my dress 🙂 my first encounter with a Middlesbroughian (not sure what the term is).  Then an old lady came up to me and said “It’s the 22nd.” and waked off Haha.

Had a visit from two of my lovely Doncaster fans, Ann-Marie and Dennis Cook 🙂 They had been to Whitby Abbey

I performed outside Boots, just outside the Cleveland Centre.  (There was a Starbucks near by, I LOVE Starbucks).  After 30mins of performing and people crowding around, clapping and tapping their feet, Middlesbrough Town Centre management approached my dad to say that I couldn’t play there, without first informing the council 28 days in advance. Of course, I probably should have looked into this, but having only decided to do the tour about 3 weeks ago, I crammed in as much planning as possible.  

The conversation went something like this:

Council: Did you get permission to busk?
Dad: No, I didn’t think that we needed any…we haven’t needed that anywhere else
Council: We need 28 days notice
Dad: Why?
Council: For a CRB check (criminal records bureau check)
Dad: I’m a magistrate, here are my credentials (gets out ID ect) (TICK)
Council: You also need a buskers permit
Dad: How much are they?
Council: Free  (TICK)…and you also need a Collectors Permit
Dad: How much is that?
Council: Free   (TICK)
Dad: This is for charity (shows tweets and leaflets etc) can’t you just let us stay for the last hour?
Council: No! It’s more than my JOBSWORTH
Dad: (under his breath) That’s not much then

So we left!!!

Newcastle was city 4 on the list, so on the way I thought I should ring their council to check that we can busk there… (watch the video on youtube and my blog to see what was said, my facial expressions i am told, are pretty funny).

What an amazing city and what amazing people.  I met some right characters. One man came up to me when I was just about to pack up and said:

You know, I enjoyed it that much that I wet myself, I need to go and get changed now…

Haha he was not kidding either….lovely.  

People recognised me from Britain’s Got Talent 2011…it’s probably the leathers that did it haha.  I was asked to sign autographs and people danced and sang.  I’m not gunna lie, I had a hard time understanding what people were saying haha, I had to listen really hard.  There was a fantastic group of kids, aged between 12-19 who I had such a laugh with during and after my performance, I sat and had a Starbucks with them (yep I found one in Newcastle too).  One of the girls called Courtney was so gobby haha really funny and such a lovely girl.  Most definitely keeping in touch with her.  She said that she wants me to adopt her as my little sister 🙂

oh, there was this beautiful little girl about 2-3 years old.  I crouched down as she wanted to tell me what she though, and she came and hugged me and said “I really like you” awwwwwwww she was so adorable.  I got 3 cuddles.  I can’t get the baby bug for a while yet though:-

1. Because I’m single (ye, having a husband sorta helps with the baby thing)
2. I am not giving up my job 🙂 ever haha
I definitely want kids one day though, I’d love to be a mum.

Me and dad took all the stuff back to the Alexandra van and decided to go for a walk around.  I put the stuff in the boot and as I walked around the side of the Alexandra van, dad’s stood there in his pants :O haha shorts were off and jeans were on.  I think that’s classed as indecent exposure…we were in a public multi story car park.  Honestly, can’t take him anywhere haha.

By the time we got back to the Hilton (Newcastle) I was absolutely shattered to the point that I could hardly keep my eyes open.  It was NOT long before my head hit the pillow.

Here’s what I raised:-

Middlesbrough: £74.55 (in 30mins – just think if I was able to do the full 2 hours)
Newcastle: £66.63
Total for Day 2 = £141.18

Total so far for tour: £553.89

My overall target is £2500 – come on people, get on the just giving pages and be kind 😀



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