DAY 1 – An actual blog – National Busking Tour

I’m so tired, it has taken me 4 hours to make myself write this blog… to be fair though the past 4 hours has consisted of video editing, transferring photo’s, counting money and preparing for tomorrow!

So here’s how the day went….

Having got home at 2am this morning, after performing with the lasers for a wedding at Doddington Hall (blog and pics coming soon), I only had time for 4 hours sleep before getting up to embark on my jorney for the first day of the tour. The first stop was at the Jet garage in Belton to receive my donated tank of fuel and snap a quick pic with Abdul who was there to greet me. From there we headed to Briggate in Leeds city centre to kick off the days performances.

Bond have been an inspiration to me and I had the pleasure of meeting Emmy Yeadon, the cousin of Gay-Yee Westerhoff (Bond Cellist), who coincidentally is the friend of one of my brides. Small world! Throughout the morning the donations rolled in, most notably one gentleman donated a massive £80, really pushing me towards my target of £100 per city. Out of the blue Lee Collings, a local photographer, turned up to photograph the performance. More photos were taken with a big group of Chinese tourists who stopped by to enjoy the music.

Fitting in with my aim to get as much as possible for nothing, some great people at Musti’s Kitchen also donated a yummy Turkish lunch so that I didn’t starve. My chauffeur for the day (also known as Dad) then drove us to Harrogate while I ate and recuperated. 

Arriving in Harrogate, my first impression was that we wouldn’t make as much as Leeds as it seemed a lot quieter, a ghost town even. As I began to play the crowds started to appear in force as it lined up with the finish of Harrogate Race for life, a fluke that I shall be taking credit for! By the time I’d finished my feet were absolutely filthy, as I had decided to take my shoes off to save me from sinking into the grass (for all the guys out there wondering, heels + grass = bad times). Luckily I had baby wipes on hand, as grandma always told me to, so cleaned up before cheekily going in search of a toilet…. apparently downing a litre of water was not my best idea. In Betty’s Tea Rooms paranoia got the better of me. I made doubly sure the automatic toilet door was locked securely, so that I didn’t end up in a compromising pose. 

Hilton Hotels have kindly sponsored the tour with freeeeeeee accommodation to help me maximise the final donation total. Heading to the first hotel (Dad driving again) just as we stopped at some traffic lights, Fiona Smith (one of my brides), walked around the corner carrying some quite hefty looking shopping bags. Just as I wound the window down to scream her name the traffic lights turned to green and dad set off leaving me looking like a crazy person shouting out a window.

Settled in the hotel and its MONEY COUNTING TIME! And the totals so far are…..

Leeds: £196.93
Harrogate: £215.78 + $20(USD) and €2

This puts our total offline donations so far at a whopping £412.71! with Harrogate taking the lead. Lets see if Middlesborough or Newcastle can knock them off the top stop tomorrow.

….It is now 1am….. I have to be up in 5 hours to start this all again. 5 hours playing time down today, 19 to go! Bring it on!

Check out the video of day one at: 

Talk to you tomorrow,
Alexandra x x x


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