My photo shoot for FACEON Magazine with John Farrar



The journey = Belton (Doncaster) to Brighton

Sun 14th – Travel half way to Milton Keynes

Mon 15th – Travel rest of way to Brighton

Tues 16th – SHOOT


What a journey, what an experience.  Ha oh my god I had such an amazing time and so much has unfolded since.  Dad wanted to be my chauffeur, I wasn’t going to say no haha so he drove me down in his new Audi, which I actually chose for him haha I LOVE it.

When we arrived at Milton Keynes we decided to play some pool (which I haven’t really played before), I admit, my technique is interesting:



I then received a message from the photographer saying that there is a fashion designer 10mins from where I am staying and I should go and see her, so arranged with the amazing Karen Boyle to see her at her design studio at 9am on monday morning.  This meant that dad (bless him) was going to miss out on a day at Brighton beach.  As an early morning was planned it was time to go to bed.  My phone went off while i was in bed and it was Tee Minya.  He was in Nemesis Dance group on Britain’s Got Talent, you have to remember them, they were amazing.  To cut a long story short, it turns out that he lives in Milton Keynes, haha he was like “I can’t believe you passed through MK and didn’t tell me, I LIVE HERE”, haha.  “I’m staying in MK, not passing through, fancy a coffee?” So we arranged to meet up on Monday for a natter.

Monday morning came and went to Karen Boyle’s design studio, oh my god you’ve never seen designs like them.  I have now assigned her position as my fashion designer haha, so she’s currently working on my stage outfits for my new show.  I can’t WAIT to see them.  She told us about ‘The Hub’ in MK, so went to check it out.  It’s a gorgeous square with a fountain in the middle and loads of restaurants and wine bars.  Found a cocktail bar :p ofcourse, and dad and I sat on the swinging bench outside with a pina colada (my fave cocktail).



Dad went off to read a book and Tee turned up and had a swing with me on the bench haha he also took part in cocktail drinking. yummy. Had a great natter and such a laugh.  He’s not only a dancer but a music producer and is currently working on my next album.  This is going to be exciting and fresh and like nothing you’ve ever heard before. I am too excited haha.  This is Tee:



It was pretty late now and we still had to get to Brighton, so we collected the outfits from Karen and got back on the road.  The photo below isn’t my vehicle, but we drove past it on the motorway, and whoever owns it, has the right idea about the Parker name haha (that’s my last name):



Brighton is beautiful, I’d love to experience the night life there, but I was so tired it was straight to bed for me at the Thistle Brighton.  Dada went out for the night life though haha got back early hours texting me to say he was back in his room 🙂

When I woke up on Tuesday morning I felt dreadful.  The first tweet of the day was…

Oh god, I’m guna need drugs today 😦

with the following photo haha….



My face was swollen, and it hurt to talk but ever the professional I battled on haha.  That’s is what photo shop is for.  As soon as I arrived at the shoot, this happened…..

It’s ok, it wasn’t my violin haha.

The shoot was absolutely amazing.  Amy Prifti was the hair stylist and makeup artist and was wonderful creating some spectacular ideas and works of art.  Can’t wait for you all to see the final photo’s.  Here are some behind the scenes pics…



Love you all xxx

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