Update – Alexandra’s National Busking Tour Challenge

Update - Alexandra's National Busking Tour Challenge

well, things seem to be going smoothly with regards to planning so far. The reality of it all is setting in now :s haha I am so excited about it and a little bit nervous.

The Scunthorpe Telegraph printed the story about the tour yesterday, couldn’t NOT buy 2 papers haha.

The day after the tour is over (26th July) I’ll be on Sine FM (Doncasters local radio station) with Simon Saynor talking about the events of the tour. 9am šŸ™‚ I am sure I will be ready for a spa day after the tour is over haha. I get back on a thursday, and then fri, sat, sun and monday I have weddings and shows – so I am thinking that tuesday will be the perfect day for a spa day.

OOO yes, that’s what I wanted to tell you…haha as I sit writing blogs my mind goes off on a tangent and then I am not quite sure what I am blogging about haha. Tomorrow morning at 10am, tune into Saturday Mayhem on 102.4FM to hear more about the tour from the fab presenters John & Debbie, who have supported my career for years.

A lot of people have asked my reasons behind the tour. To be honest there are loads of reasons. I’m excited about going back to my roots and in way, finishing in Doncaster is my way of thanking all you Doncastonions (new word – it will be in the dictionary one day) for your support over the years, from me being 12 years old busking in the town centre. You have no idea how you have all, in some way, influenced my life and my career. I want people to come and enjoy it, take photo’s come and say hi to me. That is one thing I miss, the conversations that I had with passers by, some came to see me every week and I got to know them really well šŸ™‚

Another reason is that I fancied doing something different, that I’d never done before. Going on a little adventure. And I thought, hey, why not do it for charity. Cancer research UK is close to my heart. I have been touched by so many lives of people who have recovered, suffered and unfortunately passed away. Those of you who know me, will know that I had a lot of involvement with the Aurora Centre from a young age, and it opened my eyes to the devastation that cancer can cause, and also to the immense strength that it can give to people.

I’ve done Doncaster race for life for 2 years now – I’ll be blogging about my latest run later today šŸ™‚ with video’s haha

Alexandra xxx


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