Sunshine Ball…Surprise

Sunshine Ball...Surprise

Sheffield City Hall was an exciting night. I was to perform for 400 people for the Sunshine Charity Ball. It was full of celebs, and beautiful dresses.
In the lift on the way to sound check I got talking to a lovely guy called Trent, “I work with Joe Satriani, you’ll have to come see the show when you finish yours.”
So my performance finished, I made my way back stage to Joe Satriani’s Show – oh my life, you’ve never heard music like it. If you haven’t heard him you HAVE to check him out

One of the worlds greatest guitarists, honestly he is a complete rock god.

I met his drummer afterwards, Marco Minnemann, awesome legend of a drummer, and really lovely man. He wants to keep in touch and has invited me to some of the further tour shows…Marco wants to see my show, WHICH by the way is going to be a whole new experience come the next few weeks. Just wait to see what I have in store for you all. All shall be revealed shortly.


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