A day out with the world of make-up and hairs, one and only…Samantha Lyann

Wow I really need today off from doing anything work related.  My data and information system, 3000 word report was due in yesterday.  I was up early and straight onto the laptop with 2324 words to go.  I got so involved that when I looked at the clock, I had 15 minutes to get ready for college ARGH – that day was NOT a day for looking good haha.  10:30pm I had met the deadline.

Today is a day full of sun, animals and picnics with one of my best girlies Sam Lyann.  She’s actually my stylist and hair and makeup artist for shoots and events too hehe.  Chester zoo here we come 🙂

I’m performing the show with the lasers tomorrow night, so tomorrow will be a day of setting up equipment, getting glammed up, and letting rip with an exciting performance


Ps Dentist first :/ eugh, I’m a wuss when it comes to the dentist, no idea what I am scared of though 

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