I’m on the tele…


I woke up to this drawing today haha, from my dad.  You can see that his artistry skills are…erm…what’s the word that I am looking for…interesting!!! Haha this is a man that also draws sheep with long tails.  He took me to the seaside last night when he finished work, for a walk on the beach, donuts, fish and chips and then ice-cream…wow, so glad that I went to the gym in the morning.  It was like being 5 again, I loved it, searching for shells and pretty stones.  Sometimes I think, that he thinks, that I am still a little girl haha.  We stopped at one of the candy stalls and he said “5 sticks of aniseed rock and a bag of candy floss please,” My face, “WHAT? FIVE sticks of rock. Really dad.” He bought them all for grandma…no wonder she has no teeth haha…Mind you, she is 86.

We’ve been spending a lot of time together recently.  I love to take time out to spend with my mum and dad.  Me and mum ALWAYS go for coffee and cakes, all day haha, or go for spa days at center parcs (in need of another one of those soon I think).  One day we decided to get a train to york (me and mum) planning to go to Betty’s Tea Rooms (if you haven’t been, honestly, go and try it – proper loose tea, afternoon tea and cakes…yummy). The queue for Betty’s was soooooooo long, so we went around the corner and sat outside and had some lunch instead.  Betty’s was still in sight, and as soon as we finished lunch, the queue had gone.  “Come on mum, there’s no queue anymore,” “What? we’ve just eaten lunch,”…”I know, couldn’t you just kill for afternoon tea though?” Haha wow we felt so sick on the way home, you wouldn’t believe how much they give you.  But it was sooooo worth it.

I’m supposed to be assignment writing today, right now in fact.  I set yesterday and today to one side but you know when you just can’t get in the right frame of mind.  Well I have no choice today, it’s due in tomorrow and I have only written 1152 words of the 3000 word report.  So no lazing in the sun for me.  Also have loads of little things to do, so they will get done when my brain decides that I need a break.  Probably shouldn’t be writing a blog right now haha, and you know, it’s not even work related which is so unlike me, because that’s what people are interested in.  I don’t know that you would all be interested in this kind of blog, well it’s more like a ‘dear diary’ really isn’t it?!

Got sun burnt yesterday, ah the joys of being an english rose.  In fact, over the past 2 weeks I have been sun burnt about 5 times! You think I would tan but nooooooo 🙂

Here’s a photo of my view in the garden as I was burnt bathing yesterday…MUST  make myself go and do some assignment work now…talk soon xxx Image


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