What an amazing day…

So far today has been great 🙂 I rose at 9am, (later than usual for me) and really could have stayed in bed.  Mum has gone to scotland for a week or so to stay with her sister & fiance – Jeanette & David, so I dropped her off at the train station in Doncaster and then headed to the French gate centre.  In dia need of a new mascara (and may be a few other things too…what?! I’m a girl hehe).  Who pulled up along side me but Lez Hizzet – one of the greatest toast masters that I know, so we’re sat at the traffic lights on the dual carriageway having a casual chat until the lights turned green 🙂  Great to see him.  He tells everyone that we’re getting married hehe we’re not, he has a lovely wife haha it’s an inside joke. In fact, I don’t really remember where it came from.

So anyway, shopping 🙂 something that I am good at…and I hear an “ALEXANDRA”…Fiona and Alan who’s wedding I played at 4 year ago, seems like yesterday. How lovely, we had a really good catch up haha.  Got the mascara that I wanted too – Dior – honestly, the best mascara I have ever used, and will never use another one.  Can’t live with out it.  

Lunch with dad was lovely.  Then went for a body polish at the Willows beauty salon in Epworth. LOVE that treatment, makes me feel all soft and silky hehe.  The lovely girl who did my treatment said “I have your CD at home,” hehe.

Well, the weather is still looking decent, I have just spotted a grey cloud :/ hope it goes away.  It’s time for me to get ready for my photo shoot now with Phil Shillitoe…then out for some drinks I think 🙂

Love you all – have a great night


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