Bridal Blog – written by Mrs Jackie Wright

Bridal Blog - written by Mrs Jackie Wright

At aged 20 I met my prince charming at Sheffield dog track at a works party with a friend. After chatting and being taught how to place a bet, we decided to keep in touch, and this lead to numerous dates. One of which was a trip to Disneyland Paris which gave Dave’s bank balance a dint.

Like most couples, we slowly started living together a few years later, with Dave’s bathroom being full of the essentials in a girl’s life and a lot of scatter cushions in the living room.

We had booked to return to Disneyland Paris for 2 nights for my birthday in November 2008, when Dave started acting very strange. It started with Dave being very protective of his coat going through the scanner at the airport and wearing it for the duration of the flight. Then the light pinged! Has he really got a ring in his pocket?? To test my idea while waiting to get on a ride I asked if I could put my hands in his pocket to keep warm, which his reply was yeah this pocket…no ring! Walking to the Disney Castle Dave said, “Lets go in here before the parade arrives”, so stood in the main entrance to the castle, with fluffy snow hitting the ground and the castle lighting the sky. Dave slid his hand into his pocket and pulled out…THE BOX! The box every girl dreams about. There was my beautiful engagement ring.

In June 2009, we found our perfect wedding venue, Whitley Hall and booked our winter wedding for November 2010. The next 17 months were a whirl wind of wedding fairs, cake tasting, dress fittings, hen and stag parties and excitement.

A sunny 20th November 2010 arrived and I could be a princess for the day. Our wedding ceremony lit by candlelight and surrounded by our friends and family. It was our perfect day as we became husband and wife. Alexandra had lived in the same village as me when we were growing up, our mums worked together, so having Alexandra at our wedding was like having another member of our family. She really left an impression on our guests.

Our first year of marriage was sent to test how strong our wedding vows were, when our first son David arrived in June 2011 at 21 weeks. We had waited so long for our baby and he had been taken from us by the angels, but our love was strong and we decided to escape the Christmas to warmer climates.

In February 2012 we got the mixed emotions of a positive pregnancy test and our first scan. We saw our TWO tiny beans and their heartbeats for the first time. WE WERE HAVING TWINS! 
With a four-week hospital stay and complications, our two little miracles arrived at 29 weeks gestation. Max weighing 2lbs 2oz and Thomas 2lbs 7oz. We luckily had an uneventful NICU journey and brought our boys home at 7 weeks old. 

Having our boys christened was our next event in November, which gave us another reason to ask Alexandra to entertain for our family and friends and be part of something so special to us.

Jackie and David Wright xxx

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