Mental Cocktail Party Night

Mental Cocktail Party Night

Best night ever last night, full of surprises.
I was performing at the Olive Tree in Barnby Dun for their Cocktail Menu Launch.

The first surprise was that Jamie and Gemma from uni turned up, had such an awesome time with them. Then James and Rachel who won me for their wedding came….then I spotted Micky who’s wedding I’m playing at in July, she was with her sister and friend šŸ™‚ wow lots of people that I know

By 11pm, things became interesting, everybody was really drunk and dancing (there was a lot of hip thrusting going on haha), so I kicked my shoes off and skipped, jumped and danced around the room…everyone flooded onto what I had made the dance floor area. It was wild, and fun. There was one lady, who was extremely drunk…I wasn’t quite sure how to take her as she was dancing into me as I was performing and then she grabbed me and then the next thing I know she has about 25 straws in her mouth and is pretending one of them is a phone…and then…she grabbed my crystal microphone and started pretending to be Beyonce haha, it was pretty funny.

It was a pretty fantastic night, I’m so tired as everyone kept shouting for more, so I performed for about an hr longer than I had been booked for haha. I have a wedding today at the Crown in Bawtry which will be really lovely. Hope it doesn’t rain.

I know I’ll probably have missed the best parts out of this blog, my brain’s not quite functioning haha, so if I remember anything else šŸ™‚ I’ll blog it in the week


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