Sound check/Rehearsal went well…

Just got back home from the Olive Tree in Barnby Dunn.  Set up the PA System and did a quick sound check…”Excuse me,” a lady said to me, “We aren’t able to come tomorrow so we’re going to miss your performance, will we get to hear you play tonight?”  Haha so I did a 20minute performance for everyone that was in.  There was a party in for a gentlemans’ birthday so I danced down to the other end of the venue and gave them a little performance too…in my jeans and jumper 🙂 lucky, as the onesie was considered haha.

Sam from Spiritus was there doing the final bits of training for the staff so that they are experts at the new cocktail menu.  I have to say, the cocktails really do look amazing, and i spotted my fave, Pina Colada.  When me and Antony flew to Cape Verdi 2 years ago, I lived on Pina Colada, non alcoholic in the day, but very alcohmafrolick and night. (That is not a typing error, it’s an actual word, honestly, it is).

Tomorrow night will be electric, I can’t wait.  Hope to see you there


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