Since Wales…

Since Wales...

I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had chance to blog about Wales, London, or the 2 weddings that I performed for at the weekend

Wow, what can I say about Wales. EPIC comes to mind. It was such a mind blowing wedding full of fun people. The show couldn’t have gone any better, and the bride and groom invited me to drink with them afterwards and “get down” on the dance floor haha. Needless to say, I am not very good at drinking as I don’t do it very often. 3 Jaeger bombs later I was popping moves like you’ve never seen before haha. Really hope I stay in touch with Donna and Carl, lovely couple so full of fun.

Barry dropped one move on the dance floor haha it was pretty good.

Next was Mama’s and Papa’s, I told you about that event, and showed you the photo from the funny photo booth 🙂

London welcomed me for the Avaya Conference which I was specifically requested for by both Managing Directors, what a pleasure. I worked for them last year and it feels so lovely when a company wants you back for future events. Pretty sure I wore 6 different dresses throughout the day, they were heavy but you know, I’m a girl 🙂

Last weekend I performed for 2 weddings. The weather was just beautiful which I took full advantage of on the Monday…and burnt…seriously, I’m the whitest person in the world now. Little secret – I used to use sunbeds, but they are so bad for you, so when I got back from holiday last November, I decided that I would be white for the rest of my life and ditch the sunbeds. I have stayed true to my word…so far.

I signed up at the gym last week. Yep, getting back into it. Peak Physique in Epworth, I love it there it’s fab. After my first session with the trainer I thought, “Yep I’ll be back tomorrow”…woke up and could hardly move. I was due at college that day and wow, I am so glad that we have a lift, the stairs were not my friend that day. When I arrived home a hot bubbly bath sounded like a good idea, until I realised 45mins into it (too late) the most wrinkly I have ever been, that I couldn’t get out, I was stuck…IN.THE.BATH!!! Not cool!!! The bloke that owns the gym has suggested that I get my house kitted out with disabled bars. Honestly? I think I’ll need it for the first few weeks.

Talk to you soon x

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