ROAD TRIP – Wales here I come…

Up early tomorrow…6am…with a looooooooong drive to Wales with my sound and lighting engineer, to set up the lasers and PA system ready for a performance for a wedding on Saturday night.


I am terrible with accents, I really have to listen hard to understand…so this weekend certainly will be interesting hehe.  I did download a ‘Learn Welsh’ app onto my phone to try and learn just one phrase but that was unsuccessful…and so it turns out, the language is different in the north to the south :/ confusing :s so I think I’ll be sticking to English, and may pull a confused face every now and again hmmmm hehe


Ps. Countdown for receiving photo’s = 5 days
When I receive them, I think I might post a photo per day rather than show you them all at once 🙂 is that mean?!

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