Scott and Kirsty Hill 13.4.13

Scott and Kirsty Hill 13.4.13

Clumber Park Hotel was filled with joy today. The wedding party was absolutely lovely, and all of their family and friends too.

Orange was the colour scheme, I know, very unusual isn’t it?! I had chance to chat with Kirsty and Scott before their guests entered the room for the Wedding Breakfast, and they told me the story behind their choice of colour scheme

“We went camping last year, and everyone had boring green tents, and then we turned up with a bright orange one. We like to stand out. So when it came to picking the colour scheme, it just had to be orange.”

There was the most adorable little girl who danced all around me as I was playing violin. When I finished she came up to me and plonked herself on the floor and started asking me questions…”well, I think I might join you down there”, so I plonked myself on the floor too haha and had a lovely little chat. “I’m nearly 3, and I live in a big blue house,” she told me. What a little character, so well behaved and intuitive for a “nearly 3” year old.

The speeches were fantastic, so funny. I just wish I could have filmed them, you would have loved them.

Scott and Kirsty were bursting with love for one another. I wish them all of the happiness in the world for their future together.

Thank you to Kirsty’s dad for being so hospitable, when that’s supposed to be my job haha. I felt like a part of the family, and that is always lovely. So thank you for letting me be part of such an important and special day.

Love to your family and friends

Alexandra xxx

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