A Busy Few Days Ahead…

Wedding Bells will be ringing again tomorrow.  Clumber Park Hotel are opening their arms to a lovely couple who are getting married tomorrow, and I will be playing all of their favourite music while they dine with their wedding guests.  I hope the weather is beautiful for them.  I think we’ve all had enough of this cold temperature, and are ready for summer, a 21 Degree English Summer, but still, Summer hehe.

Sunday I’m exhibiting at a Wedding Fair.  I’ve never worked with this particular company before so I’m really looking forward to experiencing their service.  My wonderful friend Emma is going to be my glamorous assistant for the day again, so it will be a lot of fun.  She says that she is looking forward to getting “…all PR’d up” hehe.

My Business Degree is going well.  I’m currently working on an assignment which is due in on Wednesday.  Everyone seems to be a little worried about this one and a little lost to be honest.  But I am sure that we will all get there in the end.  So Monday 7am-11pm most probably will be spend working on this.  Cappuccino’s will be my best friend….and then lots of water to re-hydrate myself for Tuesdays Promotional Photo shoot with Yorkshire Portraits.  Very excited!!!

I’ll catch up with you after the weekend.  Life is positively mentally busy at the moment…just how I like it!


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