Rachel & James – 28.3.13

Rachel & James - 28.3.13

Rachel & James won my services in a competition for me to perform for their wedding – They’re going to send me an official wedding photo so that you can all see them on their fabulous day.

St Wilfreds Church in Cantley is one of my favourite churches. It is quaint and cute. The organist was to play the wedding march for the entrance of the bride and the married couple’s exit – and of course for the hymns. There were some interesting chords thrown in there, and Amazing Grace was played in a minor key hehe.

Rachel arrived in THE.MOST.BEAUTIFUL.DRESS….she picked it because she was inspired by Coleen Rooney’s wedding dress. I honestly think that Rachel’s dress was much more beautiful. The bouquets were made from white hydrangea with small white roses. Wow they looked stunning.

There was a funny moment, when the vicar announced that there was going to be a reading, “..from Robert.” A man stood up and said, “It’s Scott, but I’ll stand in for Robert,” haha the poem was written by a man called Robert. Probably more of a ‘be there’ moment really.

When the ceremony was over, I left via a cheeky side door exit in hope to be set up at Mosborough Hall before the guests arrived. It was flipping freezing.

As I walked in, the lady working behind the bar saw that I had an instrument and said, “Oh great, that’s all we need,” oh dear haha. She probably thought what most people think when you say you have a violinist *screech scrape scratch*…I think I won her over in the end.

Oh my, you should have seen the guests outfits…flipping gorgeous…and the shoes, oooo wow. That’s something that I really enjoy, people watching, and what better place to do it than at a wedding, looking at all the fabulous dresses.

A you’ve been framed moment went down, and the camera man caught it on film…priceless…the poor waiter, I felt awful for him. He was holding a silver tray full of champagne filled glasses, and all of a sudden, it all went…glasses smashed all over the floor, oh my. The poor lad was so embarrassed.

Most of the music that I played today was classical-crossover style, all upbeat and exciting. It got the guests dancing.

I’m sorry if this blog is written a little boringly…I am absolutely wiped out after only 4 hours of sleep, due to getting home at 3am, from performing at a show for McDonalds. I am really looking forward to snuggling up in bed tonight *smiles*.

I have taken this weekend off for a nice chill out, so I’ll talk to you all soon


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