What a weekend…

What a weekend...

Well it seems that the snow has disrupted so many things…did you see Look North this morning? A bride and groom had to change their venue about an hour before the wedding because the snow was so bad, oh dear.

Saturday night I was supposed to be heading up to Huddersfield to perform for an event for ‘Mama’s and Papa’s’. I was prepared with my pink wellies, snow boots, blankets in the ‘Alexandra Van’, you name it. The snow was not going to stop me from getting there. I made a courtesy call to the event organisers just to ensure that I would be there to put their minds at rest…but there was no need, they had to postpone it as guests couldn’t get there 😦 so it was a night snuggled up with hot chocolate and a hot water bottle 🙂

Sunday was a great day…it always is at the Crown Hotel in Bawtry. Definitely one of my favourite venues…I suppose that it helps when I know all of the staff hehe, it’s like a family, I love it. They held their wedding open day, and they really know how to do it in style! They have a hair salon their called ‘Lux’, me and all the ladies who work there lined up in Lux to have our hair done all fancy. Jess in there did my hair, and she is amazing. It’s so convenient if you’re getting married there as you don’t have to worry about traveling to a salon and then the weather effects ruining it before you get back home. WINNER!

I had no idea that Womacks from Bawtry did wedding flowers and table settings, flipping amazing. I love going in there for a look around, they have so many amazing things…and talk about floral displays, WOW.

I have a busy week this week, 2 full days of assignment writing for my degree have been set aside. Wednesday I’m traveling to Doubletree Hilton to set up for an event for Mcdonalds, then to college, and then back to double tree to perform at night with the laser show…can’t wait. Thursday I am playing for a wedding for a lovely couple. Can’t wait to see Rachels dress.


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  1. rachel says:

    We cannot wait to see and hear you on Thursday! We love the Crown at Bawtry too, I was there Saturday night for Hen Night part two, fantastic evening in the Hogarth Suite x

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