Weekend March 15th-17th

St Mary’s Church in Wheatley is absolutely beautiful inside.  I performed for a wedding there on Friday 15th for a lovely young couple, Pearl and Chris.  Pearl looked beautiful, her hair was gorgeous, put up into a bun with a long white veil clipped underneath the bun, and a little tiara.  Chris had a big grin on his face most of the way through the ceremony hehe.  It was so apparent how much he loved her, the way he looked at her was just breathe taking.

Sunday turned out to be an amazing day, after I discovered that my van had a flat tyre.  On the phone to my friend Emma, “Help, please help,” haha.  It really was Emma to the rescue on Sunday, so I promised that I would by her a cape hehe  She arrived in no time at all, we packed her car and off we went to Stancliffe Hall in Derbyshire.  Wow, what a beautiful wedding venue.  It was a wedding fair.  We met an amazing mind reader.  Honestly, I’m still getting over what happened, incredible. Looch is his name. http://www.looch.co.uk if you want to check him out. “Take your mind back to when you were at school, think of a best friend who you haven’t seen in a long time.  Now write this persons name on this paper…I’ll turn around…screw it up and keep it in your hand, let me know when I can turn around.” So I wrote ‘Nicola Knowles’.  He turned around.  “Think of a letter in the middle of this persons first name….C”, he said…”no say in your mind this persons last name over and over again…there’s a silent letter at the beginning, a K…now how amazing would it be if I could get Nicola Knowles to walk through that door.” If only you could have seen my reaction haha I was amazing.  

There was an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G floristry company there too.  I would never have been bothered about having flowers at my wedding (when it eventually happens one day haha…I’m not engaged incase you are wondering) until I saw this company.  wwww.redfloral.co.uk

I have a great weekend ahead.  I am performing for an event for ‘Mamas and Papas’ on saturday night in Huddersfield, and Sunday I’m exhibiting at the wedding open day of The Crown Hotel in Bawtry.  I LOVE their open days.  Me and the staff go to their ‘Lux’ salon (in the hotel) in the morning and get our hair put up in fancy up do’s.  If you’re getting married and haven’t got a venue booked yet, it is definitely worth coming along, 11am-4pm FREE entry xx 

Ps. Hope the snow isn’t too bad…not that it will change anything, I’ll still manage to get to my bookings, I am the unstoppable hehe x


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  1. Looch says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the mind reading 🙂

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