Wedding – Football Themed

Todays wedding was so much fun.  Waterton Park Hotel looked lovely with the bright blue sky and the sun shining proudly…the snow wasn’t far behind!

Andy (the groom came in) and some of the guests followed, it was really lovely getting chance to chat to the guests…anyway, a lady was saying how she went to see this comedian and someone’s phone rang, and he said “Excuse me, but would you mind switching your phone off…”…and followed with something about the clap clinic ringing with this persons results…this lovely elderley lady chips in, “I think Chlamydia is a lovely name for a girl,” we all cracked up, it was so funny, you may as well call someone crabs hehe.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful.  The entrance was interesting and worked really well.  The best man entered, then the 2 ushers together, and then 2 other couples, before the bride walked down the aisle with her mum, to Pachelbels Kanon. It really slowed down the bridal entrance, which was great because I always find that the entrance of the bride is  so quick.

A little boy who must have been about 3 years old wanted me to play Gangnam style haha. 

All of the music they picked was beautiful: Kanon; songbird; Ave Maria; Misty; Moonriver…and to leave as a married couple they chose ‘Match of the Day’.  It was fantastic, all of the guests cheered and were clapping to the beat and the bride and groom danced as they left the ceremony room.

The family are all liverpool supporters, which I think is the reason that their colour scheme was red.  It was a beautiful shade of red.  And the guests will find when they are seated for the wedding breakfast, that the tables are named by football stadiums.

Thoroughly enjoyed myself at todays wedding.  wonderfully warm and friendly family.  Perfect couple.  Congratulations to Andy and Alison Frow on their wedding day.

I’m at college for the rest of the day now until 8:30pm

see you later x


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  1. Anne says:

    Thank you so much for your lovely account of Alison and Andy’s wedding. Alison and I have been friends since we were three years old and unfortunately as I am in New Zealand I couldn’t make it to her special day. Your review of the wedding really showed me a window into their day 🙂 Thanks again…Anne

    1. Aw I am so pleased 🙂 thank you for letting me know. I am sure you will be looking forward to the wedding photos and video x

  2. Ursula says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words.We had a most fantastic day.
    Your music before the wedding was beautiful and brought a tear to many an eye.
    The music Alison and Andy chose was perfect including Match of the Day which left us all cheering and laughing. Everyone enjoyed your music it was a perfect start to a perfect day.

  3. Barbara Hawksworth says:

    Hi Alexandra,
    As a guest at Alison,s and Andy’s wedding I would just like to say what a beautiful musician you are. My husband and I were very moved by your playing and wondered if you have released a cd yet? Barbara. Lincoln
    up the reds. pardon the pun

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