Mothers Day…and my mum

Mothers Day...and my mum

My mum and I are best friends, we always have been. We stick to each other like glue, through thick and thin…and if ever we have an argument it never lasts long, and usually ends up with us both crying uncontrollably and hugging each other haha. I love my mum.

I have no idea what I would do without my mum, and I have to credit her for who I am today.

Growing up I have always watched her and thought “I want to be just like my mum when I grow up.” Though the supermarket shopping always took 4 hours as we stopped down every aisle to have a conversation with someone who she knew haha and sometimes didn’t know…always women. We are good at talking aren’t we?! It’s not our fault!

Spa days are what we do best. Centerparcs Aquasana is just amazing. we go so much that it’s surprising that we are not constantly wrinkly hehe.

Like every normal child I went through a phase where I lost my enthusiasm with the violin, but mum made sure this was a short phase. She would come into my bedroom and say, “Play viva for me, ooo no play Hero by Hulio”, “Mum it’s Enrique,” I’d reply, “Hulio is his dad,” Haha parents pft. I’d play and she’d do a silly little dance, it was so great, and I would try to do it too while I was playing. She showed me that everything should be fun.

You know that saying? Something to do with losing your right arm (supposing that you are right handed)…well, not having my mum would be like losing both arms and both legs.

Here’s some qualities that she has that I love, using her name:

Really beautiful (I know, that’s 2 words haha)
Organised – THE tidiest person in the whole world, no joke

Nutty – but in the best, most fun way possible hehe

I’m looking forward to my mum and I spending some girly time together today. Coffee and cakes, and the cinema to see that new film, ‘The Guilt Trip’

I hope you all have great days xxx


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