Ready for bed…

Well I think I’ve spent enough time in front of the computer today – 105 e-mails – made it down to 65 and then it flew back up to 80 with responses haha…I will get through them, I will.

It has been an admin day for me, never the most exciting part of my job, though rocking up to the office in PJ’s is great.  High five to being self employed haha.

Sunday was an amazing day – wedding fair at Clumber Park Hotel (NOTTS).  Sarah Lamb, the wedding coordinator there is just amazing, talk about a hard worker, and one of the loveliest people on this earth.  Over 100 brides came through the door!  It is not often that I will exhibit at a wedding fair on my own. Having a glamorous assistant (usually my mum) always helps. But she had to go to work on Sunday – I must say, it gave me great multi tasking experience…playing violin while reading music and talking to brides all at the same time, literally haha, then little breaks to re stock the table with promotional bags.

Gina from Smooch Rings was there.  I absolutely love this lady.  If you’re getting married, and you haven’t sorted your rings yet, honestly, go and see her.  She is great at what she does and is one of those people that you feel like you’ve known for ages.  2 years ago I played at her wedding at Ye Old Bell, Barnby Moor.  It was beautiful.  She asked me to play Songbird by Eva Cassidy while she walked down the aisle, I didn’t have it so I had to learn it (took no time at all and sounded so lovely)…so ofcourse, with her being opposite me at the wedding fair, I played Songbird A LOT 🙂 there were tears…of happiness…I hope haha…that could have been the hormones though…yes, she is pregnant *massive smile* I love the after stories from couples who’s weddings I have played for.

The wedding industry is like a massive family for me, I’ve been a part of it for it so long, I have got to know every body so well, but we do not generally have ‘social time’ together. On Sunday we did! *smiles* A few of us went into the bar afterwards, mainly to sit down and chill for half an hour haha.  It was great hearing about each others businesses and what effect the economy appears to be having on them and the wedding industry as a whole.  I’m especially interested now though as I’m studying for a degree in Business Leadership and Management at Staffordshire University.  I am doing my FdA at the moment and hopefully will go on to achieve a BA(hons) degree *Woop*

Well it’s definitely bed time now.  Tomorrow brings more admin, assignment work, and rehearsals for this weekend.  I’m performing with my show and lasers for a wedding, can’t wait!!!

Night xxx

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