Happy Tuesday…

Hello, welcome back…I said that I’d tell you about Sundays Wedding Fair today.  

It wasn’t a Wedding Fair as such, more of what I would probably call a Showcase of some amazing Wedding Suppliers.  It was held at Dukes Place Courtyard near Harrogate. Tom who owns ‘Yorkshire Yurts’ set up 2 beautiful Yurts in the gardens and had them all decorated by ‘AV Matrix’ who put up the lights and ‘Horticouture’.  It was absolutely flipping beautiful.

The Wedding Concierge organised the event and she did an absolutely marvellous job.  We had over 60 brides through the door (I say door, but I’m really not sure what you’d call it haha), who were greeted with THE most amazing chocolate brownies that have ever passed my lips (and that’s a lot by the way), which were made by ‘Food 4 thought catering’.  I could probably live on them (that’s until I develop diabetes)…WOW.

I was joined by David Robertshaw, an absolutely wonderful pianist.  He actually built a casing for his portable piano so it looks like a baby grand piano…amazing.  Anyway, about 3pm came and we decided to do some duets.  It was great fun, I’ve never done that before, unless it was pure classical music…we played some slowed down current songs and they sounded amazing.  Helen (the wedding concierge) filmed some of this, so I’ll try get hold of the footage for you to have a sneaky peek.

I was so tired when I got home, it was a busy busy day.  And after the busy weekend, my bed really was my best friend hehe


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